Invisaflects is leading a green movement to reduce emissions in the transportation industry.  We have conducted a number of case studies that substantiate large cuts of carbon from reducing fuel consumption on refrigeration trailers.  Every gallon of diesel that we can save reduces approximately 21 pounds of carbon from entering our atmosphere!

From our research a very large portion of the trailer market is still wasting fuel and causing unnecessary pollution.  Our motto is “Paint it or Park it” TM.

We use 3 different products to coat the top of these trailers and shipping containers.  The savings has been so large we have to keep it a secret until the customer sees the side by side test with their own two eyes.

Our Scotland Case Study showed nearly 20% savings and in case you have never visited Scotland, its not real hot there.

If you are interested in conducting your own case study contact us at 319-929-9915.

If you would like to understand the potential savings for your own company, you can download this FREE tool which will give you a custom report specific to your company.  Simply click here here to download our trailer analysis tool. (Excel file)