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Welcome to Invisaflects

Did you ever think something so simple as a coating could save you money? With Invisaflects coatings you can save money, reduce emissions, and bring added comfort to living spaces! Invisaflects technology is like heating and air conditioning in a can! By coating with Invisaflects coatings, infra red heat can be reflected back to its source. Heat is reflected through NASA technology incorporated right into the coating! So whether you want to save money in your home, office, factory, refrigeration trailer, storage tanks, pipes or motor home, we have the solution and its so easy to install! Even better you can decrease thousand of pounds of carbon from polluting our atmosphere and help in the war on climate change.


Infrared heat loss and gain is the most unresolved insulation problem on our planet due to a lack of education on the subject! Traditional insulation works to curb convective and conductive heat loss or gain while doing little to insulate against radiation or Infra Red heat transfer. Invisaflects is the answer to making nearly any surface Infra Ready TM.


Commercial Insulation
Flat Roof Insulation and Coating
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Emissivity Reflectivity
Nano Technology
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