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Color Effects

The color of paint you use to coat your home can have a huge impact on energy efficiency. Most homeowners and building owners don’t consider the energy efficiency of the color of the paint they choose for painting projects.

Darker colors can increase cooling bills in the summer months by 20 percent because paint color efficiency is very low for those darker colors. But that doesn’t mean you have to rule out darker colors.

Invisaflects® insulating paint additive reduces energy costs by increasing the energy efficiency of paint of any color. Invisaflects® products help to cut back solar induced heat gain through the roofs and walls of buildings during summer months regardless of the paint color that is used. That means even if you choose a darker color, Invisaflects® will help offset the loss of energy that would occur without the insulating paint additive. Dark paint colors absorb far more radiant energy which is converted into heat than do lighter paint colors.

Increases in a building air-conditioning cooling costs can be seen when darker colors are used in place of light colors. Invisaflects® additive in any regular house or commercial paint increases its energy efficiency of paints of any color by at least 20 percent, if not more.

For the most energy efficiency in paint color, use light colors and pastel shades which have a good inherent solar reflectivity and have a better paint color efficiency than darker colors. The selections of lighter colors are even more enhanced when Invisaflects® is added to those paints increasing the energy efficiency of those colors by a greater degree than dark colors.

While Invisaflects® is essential to increasing the energy efficiency of paint color during the warm summer months, those products also help paint color efficiency and reduce heat loss from buildings during winter months making your home or business more comfortable all year long.

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