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Thermal Performance

The performance of Invisaflects® Technology improves the performance of existing insulation and can save substantial amounts of energy.  These heat reflective coatings reduce exterior solar radiant heat gain and block interior heat loss by up to 20 percent.
Invisaflects® are “green” energy saving products that will not only save energy, they will also reduce mildew from condensation and make buildings more comfortable in winter and summer!

Invisaflects® home energy saving products reduce summer heat gain by up to 20 percent or more by blocking heat from entering through a building’s exterior walls, roofs, or ceilings.

When using Invisaflects® the winter time heat loss through interior walls, ceilings, and roofs can drop to the point where a once chilly room is now pleasantly comfortable.
Along with added comfort comes a significant impact on utility bills saving you money and actually paying for your investment!

Invisaflects® Technology is easy and simple to use and will reduce heating and cooling equipment maintenance costs and can save energy through reduced equipment running time as well.

Invisaflects® is always working for you!

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