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Environmental Impacts

There are some basic environmental issues that connect us all. Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment and using Invisaflects® is a great way to start because it creates more energy efficiency.

When unwanted heat enters during the summer or heat escapes during the winter, there is an impact on the environment because the building is using more energy for heating and cooling than is necessary. The use of Invisaflects® will save energy because it acts as a radiant barrier and blocks unwanted heat gain in warm months and unwanted heat loss the cold winter months. Invisaflects® acts as an extra layer of insulation, creating a more energy efficient building.

Much of our electricity is still created using fossil fuels. Invisaflects® reduces electricity usage which curtails fossil fuel usage and directly affects the environment.

The stress that we place upon our environment and the effects of this stress are common daily topics in our media.
The use of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil to make electricity to heat and cool our buildings is an area of environmental impact that we can personally control; we can be wasteful or we can be conservative and lessen our personal impact on the environment.

Please do your part to protect and help the environment.
Save energy by using Invisaflects® and tell your government officials to start being conscious to use earth friendly paints like Invisaflects®.

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