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White Lightscene


Invisaflects® White LightSceneThermal Primer is a 100% acrylic primer. By painting your interior or exterior walls and ceilings with White LightScene, heat is reflected back to the source to increase comfort and decrease energy costs. White LightScene combines energy saving performance with safe, non-toxic, low odor results.
Applying White LightScene is as simple as using a brush, roller, or spray gun. White LightScene is a safe and environmentally sound solution for any wall or ceiling application.

Benefits and Features of Invisaflects® thermal block primer

  • Buildings become more Energy Efficient that Saves Money

  • Increased Comfort  year round

  • Non-toxic / Environmentally Friendly

  • Long lasting Durability & Gloss Retention

  • UV & Atmospheric Pollution Resistant

  • Easy to Apply, Fast Drying for Quick Recoat

  • Dampens Ambient Noise

  • Limited Odor

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