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Invisaflects Reflective Roof Technology Winter Time Performance in Utah

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“After the installation, we’ve noticed our Southwest room is much more comfortable and the air conditioner doesn’t run near as much as it did. Thank you, we are quite pleased.”

Charlie & Rose Bentoth
Casa Grande, AZ

“My best guess is that the temperature has changed 10° – 15° in our home after the Invisaflects application. Thank you for making our home more suitable for the extreme heat of El Paso.”

Jon & Maureen Patterson    El Paso. TX


“What a difference it has made in the temperature of our home. I thought the thermometer was broke because the temperature in the house stayed at 70° while outside it dropped to 40°. Thank you so much.”

Dale & Hubert Sanchez    Grants,NM


We have a two story house. Upstairs has two windows. Ceiling fan but during hot weather it was unbearable. After the painting it felt like you could breathe. Even during the hot weather, it was comfortable up there. The best part is not putting in the window air conditioner. Now, opening closets you don’t get a cold blast in the winter or a hot blast in summer. We’re glad we had the painting done.

Raymon and Shaun Gizewski, Osseo Wisconsin


I received your message and here’s what I can honestly report. …we are comfortable in stating that we can feel the difference your products have made in our upstairs environment.   I snapped a picture of the war room and it’s in the forwarded e-mail.

I also would say that I believe our furnace run time is less now and that we should be saving some dollars on our heating bills.  And, it’s safe to say that we’ve had some pretty cold days recently.… but I’m confident that when we’ve gone through the winter and compare our gas usage to last winter we will see a significant decrease.

We think that what we’ll really witness will be a savings in our electric bills when summer comes and it’s time for the AC to run hard.

Karl and Donna Stieglitz


Thank you for giving Judy and I a chance to talk about your Invisaflects Thermal Paint product. Our finished walkout basement has always been very cold during the winter season. We never looked forward to being down there and taking a shower was almost out of the question.

When you told us about your paint product I really had a thought about its effectiveness, was I ever wrong. Our basement is now warmer. We now can let our grandchildren take over the basement and watch TV and play downstairs while we relax upstairs.

I, actually, caught a grandchild trying to open a window. We take all of our showers downstairs because it is so much more livable this winter.

Thanks, Loxley.
Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Terry and Judy Barkhurst


I checked the interior sealing temp with a digital infrared thermometer, I found that all the rooms were very close to the same temp, no cold or hot spots.

I had one room that the installer could not access, the young man tapped off and covered everything in the room. He painted the ceiling with two coats of Invisaflects Paint.

I was very skeptical about this paint working  as stated in the seminar, found out the paint worked very well, no ceiling temp difference from the other rooms.

I am happy with the product, would recommend this product to anyone that wants to save on heating and cooling.

Once again I would like to thank Loxley and the young man that did the installation for a very professional installation

Wayne Hughes
Galena Illinois


We had you install the blanket in 2012 and we had a professional painter put up 5 gallons of Invisaflects paint in our formal living room and dining room, w/ no attic over them. With your products and our new heating/cooling system, we experience 50% savings over our old bills. Thank you.

John & Mary Armstrong

Metamora, Illinois.


The whole experience of working with Steven Fitch has been top-notch. From the great meal he provided at the English Inn to the free in-home consultation, everything has been just like he declared it would be. The difference in our home because of the aluminum paint is quite obvious. The temperature in the second floor and the basement are very consistent with the main floor which has never been the case before. The painter was very professional and effiicient. You could tell that he had a lot of experience. But the best part of the experience has definintely been the warmer basement. It really is so hard to believe that the difference is VERY NOTICEABLE.

James and Brenda Bond

Dimondale, Michigan


We want to mention our son-in-law next door who lives in a mobile home. Invisaflects Paint was painted on his ceiling which is used if there is no attic. It was unbelievable how clean and white the ceiling looked plus it covered all the cracks that were showing…His place seems to be fresher and warmer, a definite improvement.

Roger & Kathy Phelps


We had Invisiflects installed on our west bedroom walls and we noticed a big difference. It makes our home more comfortable. We would recommend this product to everyone.

Jack & Donna – Clovis, MN


Dear Invisaflects,

I thought you might like to know that this “Reflective Roof Technology Elastomeric Paint” works very well.
I did the heat box experiment, using metal flashing with one painted with two coats of the Elastomeric Paint, and had
a 48 degree difference after leaving my 250 watt heat lamps on each box for 5 minutes. I did the test with the thermometer probe right under each piece of metal. (no insulation on top). I was sure it would have good results, but I Had no idea there would be 48 degrees difference!

Loxley T. Eckles, IV
Energy Consultant

What do professional painters have to say about Invisaflects?

“We started painting in the morning. It was 105 degrees outside. I took the temperature of the ceiling. It was 92 degrees.  We put on 2 coats and it was still 105 outside.  Every ceiling in the house dropped to 80 degrees except one room which was 79.  I did this measurement because contractors are scrutinized heavily in Arizona.  I was a skeptic before, but not now. This stuff works.”
– Josh B. –Phoenix Arizona


“I have been painting with ceramic paints for many years and this is absolutely the best product I have ever used.  The customers start commenting on the comfort before I’m even done with the job!”
-Wesley H. in Valparaiso Indiana


It all started with a postcard for a barbeque supper and energy meeting.

This is where we met up with Loxley and talked to him about our trailer home.

Loxley suggested that we use Invisaflects on our ceiling, since we don’t have an attic.

Invisaflects paint is a heat reflective coating to reduce the energy costs of heating and cooling our trailer.

Our air conditioner was running all day without stopping, when it was warm out.  Now that we have our

ceiling painted with Invisaflects, the air conditioner has not run much at all.

We also ordered another 5 gallons of paint, and we’re painting our walls to help even more.

Richard and Ramona Lock

6839 US Hwy. 14

Arena, WI 53503


My boss told me another truck that took the exact same route on the same week used a half of a tank while mine only used less than a quarter of a tank over 3400 miles of travel. I have never seen anything like this before!

– Jeff Brockman, Truck Driver

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